Muriel Bent

   Middleton, NS, Canada

 Hand-knit mittens

 Committed to microfinance initiatives in India

The Contributor

For more than 20 years, Muriel served faithfully as a nurse, midwife, community health care advisor and administrator in Serango, a rural area in Odisha, India. After completing her service in Serango – the birthplace of international mission for Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) – she became the medical consultant for the organization in 1974. Muriel later assumed the role of Development Officer for relief and development for CBM from 1990 until 1994.

Though officially retired, Muriel never stops. In 2006, she received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Carey Theological College in Vancouver, B.C. Muriel continues to minister to people at home and abroad, and she is always seeking to do something beautiful for God.

The Cause

After working in poor areas of India, Muriel is convinced that microfinance can help alleviate extreme poverty. In many cases, microfinance empowers women to earn a living through sewing, weaving and managing small shops. These income-generating activities help provide for their children, giving them hope for the future. When you purchase Muriel’s mittens, the proceeds go to support microfinance projects in India.