Underground Railroad Quilt


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An important piece of history captured in a beautifully and thoughtfully crafted work of art. This large machine-quilted piece displays the symbols used in the Underground Railroad, which thousands journeyed along in the 1800’s to flee slavery in search of freedom in Canada. A truly remarkable one-of-a kind piece that will be treasured for generations in your family. Comes with a smaller piece providing a glossary for the symbols used.  

92”w x 113”h  

Only 1 left in stock


    Story of the Underground Railroad    


The Monkey Wrench        turns the Wagon Wheel        toward Canada.

With help from Jesus, the Carpenter,        follow the Bears’ Trail       through the woods.

Fill your Baskets        with enough food and supplies to get you to the Crossroads.    

Once you get to the Crossroads, dig a Log Cabin        in the ground. Shoofly        told us

to dress up in cotton and satin Bow Ties.        Follow the Flying Geese    

and Birds in the Air,       stay on the Drunkards Path.    

Take the Sailboat         across the Great Lakes to the North Star       above Canada.

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